My Photo


I am

a poet and a priestess
mother daughter sister whore
a fast walker under water
a swimmer washed ashore

pounds of pennies in my pocket
the bluff who never folds
a noticer of beauty
all silver and no gold

barefoot crone slamdancing
time’s fine and hollow edge
going grey in battered blue jeans
singing loudly on the ledge

out of date and still in tune
cause I know all the words
a nesting empty nester
fencing hope’s thin sword

I am
nosy and noisy
and obnoxiously opinionated

a silent watcher at the gates
of rain and shadow and snow
and birds in leafless trees
of suns thundering past and the breeze

starry night gleam in daddy’s halo
crabapple tears from mama’s eye
metal magnolia blooming every year
the product and sum of all my fears

a mirror measuring too many men
a mockingbird in too many hands
the rocking horse drinking upstream
soaked in colors seldom seen

I am
a wreckage of mended parts
a chip off the chopping block
a timely stitch piercing the side
of the Savior Divine
a rhymer of riddles
with no answers for free

I am
a poet and a priestess
a home sweet home I long to be


stories, astrology, gardening, music with soul and poems, the ordinary